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Rebuild your credit online with a card for bad credit

A high credit score lets you get better terms when you apply for a loan. Take out a secured credit card to rebuild your credit faster.

What is a card for bad credit used for?

A card for bad credit, also known as a secured credit card, is intended for people with a credit rating lower than 500 points

The borrower deposits an amount into an account and the card is limited to the same amount, thereby ensuring that the financial institution is covered for all spending done with the card. It is used like a traditional credit card and lets you regain points in order to rebuild your credit.

Have you lived in Canada for a short time or are you applying for a credit card for the first time? The secured credit card is what you need. Most banking institutions don’t lend to people who don’t yet have a credit history. Thanks to the secured credit card, you can start building your credit score or restore it in a totally secure manner. Apply for your secured credit card today.

Why is it important to have a high credit score?

Clearly, at some point in your life, you will need to take out a loan to invest in a car or pay for unexpected expenses.

And banking institutions offer very different lending terms depending on your credit score, which is established by credit rating agencies. If your credit score, which is between 300 and 900, exceeds 700 points, you won’t have to worry, and you will obtain optimal lending terms

If your rating is between 500 and 700, the loan will be granted to you, but at a higher rate. However, below 500, you risk being denied a loan. That’s why people with a very low credit score don’t have time to waste and have every interest in taking out a secured credit card today to rebuild their credit as quickly as possible.

How to rebuild your credit

It’s important to know that you can find out your credit rating free of charge by asking the TransUnion and Equifax agencies online.

That way, you will have perfectly clear information about your credit score. Once you know precisely what the situation is, you need to do everything possible to regain points. Of course, this process may seem time-consuming, but it’s worth the effort.

To raise your score, you need to pay off the debts that you have accumulated and regularly make payments with your credit card, trying to pay it off by the due date or even before. A simple and effective method to implement is to pay for your groceries with your secured credit card and pay it off immediately. That way, you don’t run the risk of paying late. A card for bad credit gives you the possibility to make repayments automatically for all your little daily purchases.

If you need a larger loan, you can opt for a no credit check loan. It will be approved easily and let you avoid losing points on your score.

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Rebuild your credit at your own pace

Start rebuilding your credit and increase your score at your own pace by choosing how much you want to deposit to guarantee the purchases made with your card. You decide your own spending limit according to the plan that you want to apply to rebuild your credit and the amount that you can put up as collateral.

A shoulder to support you

I Need My Money Today has been in business for 17 years, and we have always made every effort to provide the best possible support to people residing in Canada in order to improve their financial situation. Share your concerns with us and accept our help so that—together—we can rebuild your credit.

Receive your secured credit card

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Set your credit limit yourself

Once your secured credit card application is approved, you can make a deposit in the amount of your choice. This amount sets the limit of your new credit card, which you can use immediately.

Use your new card now

Once your deposit has been made, you can start paying with your secured card and accumulating points again on your credit score.


You are the one who determines how much you want to deposit to use your secured credit card. Assess this amount by adding up the little expenses that you have each day, calculate the amount of your food and fuel purchases, not to mention all the other small daily purchases.

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