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Debt Consolidation: Apply Online

Debt consolidation: an effective way to get out of debt.

When should debt consolidation be used?

Are you accumulating debt on various loans, bills, and credit cards that you are unable to pay off? Have you been worried about this for a long time? Opt for debt consolidation. How it works is quite simple: all your debts are grouped together. This technique offers various advantages.

Pooling of the debts

By bringing together all your debts, you get an overall view of your debt. Say goodbye to mountains of bills and payments to be made in every direction. Now, all your debts are grouped together in one loan.

Reduced interest rates

When drowning in debt, many small debts can accumulate into a large amount. Generally speaking, these small loans are subject to much higher interest rates than those of large loans. By bringing them together, you reduce the final interest rate that you would have had to pay by keeping all your small loans.

Scheduled payments

Once your debt consolidation is in place, you only need to make payments on the dates specified in your contract. Don’t delay; contact us now to set up your debt consolidation.

What are the eligibility requirements for debt consolidation?

One of our agents, who specializes in debt consolidation, will analyze your file to ensure you can manage this loan.

In particular, we consider the following criteria when making our decision: your pay, your assets, your credit history, and the amount that you are requesting.

Generally, to qualify for debt consolidation, it's preferable to avoid having a poor credit history. However, it’s possible for a debt consolidation to be granted even with bad credit. And if necessary, we can also advise you on rebuild your credit.

Why 'I Need My Money Today' makes a difference

As recognized specialists in the short-term lending field for the past 17 years, we assist numerous Canadian citizens and residents daily, helping them improve debt management, rebuild credit, or obtain short-term loans.

We’ve built a network of private lenders who are experts in debt consolidation and who are at your disposal to assist you in getting out of your financial difficulties quickly.

Stop worrying; we work in a 100%-secure manner, and all the credit companies with which we are partners hold a licence from the Office de la protection du consommateur.

Follow our online procedure and submit your application completely from home.
Accept our assistance and alleviate the worries that have burdened you for so long.

How to formalize a debt consolidation application

Contact us, and we'll promptly assist you with your debt consolidation application.
Call us or send us an email before you get knocked out by debt.

Responsible collection methods

In the event that you are unable to honour the repayments stipulated in the contract, we do our best to reach an agreement on a new repayment plan.

If, despite everything, we are unsuccessful in this effort, we turn to an external collection agency. In this case, you will be liable for all the legal fees, and we will initiate legal proceedings against you and use all legal means to collect the unpaid debts.

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