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Emergency Loans Canada

Discovering surprise emergency bills at the end of the month is always a stressful experience. Any number of urgent expenses could pop up, from car repairs to medical costs. When you need an instant cash advance, I Need My Money Today offers fast and reliable emergency loans in Canada.

What Are the Benefits of Emergency Loans?

The goal of emergency loans are to provide you with instant cash the moment you need it. You could find yourself facing urgent bills at any time that need to be paid as soon as possible. When this happens, emergency loans in Canada can pay out within 45 minutes to help you during challenging situations.

These loans are short-term solutions that can range between $300 up to $3,000. You can get access to emergency cash loans today thanks to the straightforward application process. You only need to submit a quick online form, and our emergency cash lenders can start reviewing your request.

When Should I Take Out an Emergency Loan?

Unlike larger loans from a bank that can take up to 15 days, emergency loans in Canada provide support whenever you need it. The trade-off is that these are designed to be paid off quickly. You should only request one during financially challenging times to pay off urgent expenses.

If you take out multiple emergency loans in Canada together, you could end up in even more debt. These cash advances should be treated as temporary solutions instead of long-term answers.

Can Anyone Apply for an Emergency Loan?

While we try to make emergency loans in Canada available to everyone, there are still some criteria to meet. These revolve around your income and employment to prove to our brokers that you can repay the loan on time. If you meet the following qualifications, you're more likely to have your request accepted:

  • A stable income
  • Your bank account statements must not contain many unpaid debts
  • The requested loan amount mustn't exceed your repayment ability

Once you've checked that you qualify, we then require a few details to ensure you have a stable income. You need to meet the following criteria before we can grant you a loan:

  • A valid checking account for three months or more
  • Full-time employment for three months or more
  • Receive payments by direct deposit
  • Not be involved in bankruptcy or wage garnishments

Credit Checks

Financial troubles can often leave many people with low credit scores. Sometimes you have no choice but to take out a loan you couldn't pay back on time. It can be difficult to restore your credit ranking once it falls too low, and many banks are quick to refuse any future requests.

At I Need My Money Today, our emergency loans for bad credit have no minimum credit score requirement . No matter what your repayment history is, you can still apply for an emergency cash advance online whenever you need it.


Another way we make emergency loans more readily available is with a no documents option. The quick online form is the only step in the application process for this loan type. Here you can fill in the most important details about your employment, so our brokers can analyze your income stability.


Emergency loans for bad credit are an affordable option in emergencies, thanks to our low fees. We charge $12 per $100 of the outstanding amount every week, including interest.

Loan Types

You can choose from a handful of loan types to suit your situation. Some cash advances have varying requirements and can provide extra benefits like longer repayment periods.

Payday Loans

Payday loans are the option to choose when you can't cover your monthly bills with your paycheck. You can receive near-instant emergency cash, and your first repayment is due on your next payday. Essentially this lets you delay urgent payments until the following month when you can afford them.

Short-Term Loans

The benefit of these cash advances is that repayment installments are spread out over 24 months. You can safely take out a short-term loan during emergencies and receive enough time to pay it back. This option requires you to send in some essential documents, including:

  • Two ID photos
  • SIN proof
  • Last two pay stubs
  • Bank statement covering the previous 90 days
  • Void check
  • Proof of address

Credit Consolidation

This unique service helps you lower your expenses by combining all your debts together. If you have unpaid costs spread across different cards, loans, and bills, then credit consolidation can solve this. You can track your debts more easily to avoid missing installments that could lead to extra fees.

What If I Miss a Repayment?

You should contact our agents within 48 hours if you realize that you'll miss an installment. They can help you alter your repayment schedule to accommodate your current income. Any late payments are added to the total amount still owed and continue to accrue interest.

Each late or missed installment costs a $40 fee. None of these fees will affect your credit score as we don't report repayment problems to credit bureaus. If you pay back the total amount on time, our brokers will be more likely to grant you future loan requests.

Emergency Loans Canada: Contact I Need My Money Today!

I Need My Money Today has 17 years of experience in providing instant financial assistance to customers. Our emergency loans are a fast and affordable way to pay off any urgent bills you might have.

There are options to help you in any situation, whether you need emergency money no credit check or payday loans. In most cases, you only need to complete a brief form and sign the loan contract, which is all available online. After this, you can usually receive emergency cash in under an hour.

Need a loan for any project?

How to apply for a emergency loans in Canada?

Give your personal information to our online agents

To apply, you simply have to send us some information.

Get a response within an hour

With our brokers specializing in no credit check loans, your application is processed within a day and usually within an hour of submitting your completed file.

Receive your money directly in your account

Once your application is approved, your money is sent to your account, and you can use it instantly.


Once your completed file has been forwarded, it takes an hour at most to get a response. If we receive your application between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm, one of our agents contacts you within the same day.
Once your loan has been granted, the money is transferred to your account immediately. If your application reaches us during our business hours, you won’t have to wait more than a day to access your money.

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