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Emergency Online Cash Advance in Canada

If you’re in a challenging situation and need money urgently, a fast cash advance in Canada can help. Don’t let a bad credit score prevent you from requesting a little extra cash. We offer flexible loan solutions customized for your needs. When you’re short on time, contact I Need My Money Today and receive your cash advance within an hour.

What are the types of cash advances in Canada that you can apply to?

The most common types of cash advances are payday loans and credit card cash advances. You can get up to $2500 loans with no credit-check thanks to the loans proposed by I Need My Money Today.

Payday loans

Payday loans are short-term loans to be repaid by your next payday. When dealing with last-minute emergencies, these fast and flexible solutions can help you out of financial difficulties. All our lenders follow the regulations of the Payday Loans Acts.

Credit card cash advances

A credit card cash advance is a loan provided through the borrower’s credit card issuer. They are designed to help you with financial emergencies that cannot be paid with your credit card. It involves withdrawing money from your credit card.

Getting fast cash is useful in many situations

Situations where a cash advance can come in helpful include:

  • Paying late penalties and NSF
  • Completing a renovation project
  • Credit card advances
  • Paying off a medical emergency

No matter your reasons for needing a cash advance, we won’t refuse your application. Cash advances should only be used for short-term emergencies and are not a valid long-term strategy.

In what circumstances should you apply for a cash advance in Canada?

The many obstacles that life puts in our way sometimes lead us into complicated financial situations. In such circumstances, external support might be necessary to overcome challenges. No matter your reasons for needing a cash advance, we won’t refuse your application. Cash advances should only be used for short-term emergencies and are not a valid long-term strategy.

Get a cash advance in Canada in less than 24 hours

Traditional banks typically take 15 days to respond to a loan application, which can be too long during emergencies. Thanks to an online cash advance, you receive your funds within 24 hours maximum. Submit your application during business hours and receive the funds on the same day! Prevent the situation from getting any worse, and submit your application now to receive emergency money even with bad credit!

Need a loan for any project ?

Why should you choose I Need My Money Today for your cash advance in Canada?

Can’t afford to wait for the green light from your bank regarding your loan? Get an unsecured loan with no hidden costs! Thanks to our 3-step procedure, you receive an immediate response from our lenders and receive the amount of your loan within 45 minutes of signing your agreement. At I Need My Money Today, the file processing time is not a problem.

Never worry about having your assets repossessed

Traditional lenders often require collateral before approving your loan application. This can be your home, your care or other assets. This allows them to repossess your assets if you default on your payment. All our loans are 100% unsecured, so you won’t ever need to stress about losing your possessions if you cannot honour your repayment schedule.

Online loans offers tailored to our customers needs

I Need My Money Today offers you a customized cash advance in Canada that ranges from $300 to $3,000. Unlike traditional Canadian banks we provide a cash loan in few hours. Select the amount that you want to borrow when filling out your application form.

The desire to stand by you

At I Need My Money Today, we take our mission very seriously: to support the many Canadians who require financial assistance. Do you earn a low income or have bad credit? Don’t worry; we are a reliable lender. We won’t conduct any credit checks, and you will get your cash advance easily. For 17 years, our responsible lenders have provided their assistance each day to many people in situations similar to yours to help them get out of their difficulties.

Am I eligible for a cash advance in Canada?

If you have a bad credit score and you’re used to traditional lenders refusing your loan application, then you might feel like it’s a hopeless situation. Luckily, I Need My Money Today doesn’t require you to submit a number of documents with your application. We issue no-credit-check loans before the end of the day, as long as you meet the minimal requirement.

Few documents to provide to get a cash advance in Canada with I Need My Money Today

To borrow a cash advance, you need to provide the following document:

  • Proof of a valid chequing account (at least 3 months)
  • Have steady income, and have been employed full-time (at least 3 months)
  • Receive your pay by direct deposit
  • Not be in a bankruptcy situation or subjected to wage garnishment: you will need to provide some bank statements

If you are eligible, your application will not be refused by our direct lenders. Our application processing times are between one and 24 hours. Thanks to our efficient process, we will provide you with the money you need as fast as possible.

Contact I Need My Money Today For Your Cash Advance in Canada

Getting a cash advance in Canada is the ideal solution to have peace of mind when facing emergency expenses. If you need quick cash, choose us as your trusted alternative lender and submit your application today! If you have any question about our approval process and how to access to cash with I Need My Money Today, don’t hesitate to call our online lenders.

FAQ getting cash advance in Canada

A cash advance is one of the options that exist in the short-term loans category. Generally speaking, it helps settle unexpected expenses, late fees, NSF payments, withdrawals made on credit cards, and all other kinds of emergencies. These cash advances are a temporary solution and are not intended to be used over a longer term.

You can access a cash advance in an amount between $300 and $3,000. This amount can of course be tailored to your needs.

We will not look at your credit score. We know that you can face difficult times and that your bad credit score history will not affect your current money situation. We are fully transparent on the entire application process.

You just have to fill out an online application form. This process is quite simple, only takes a few minutes, and is done in total security and confidentiality. As long as you send a complete application form meeting all of our requirements, you will receive the money you need to face an emergency situation.

If your application is submitted between Monday and Friday from 10 am to 6 pm (EST), we will contact you within the hour. To ensure the fast processing of your application, one of our agents will contact you by email. If your application reaches us outside our business hours, we will get back to you within the first hour of the following business day.
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