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How can you get online payday loans in Ontario 10x — or even 100x — quicker, more easily, with minimum possible requirements in Ontario? What do you need to get an online payday loan in Ontario? Get quick financial help to cover unexpected expenses, solve the difficult financial situation and pay on your next paycheck.

What are Payday Loans in Ontario?

Life is far from a long, peaceful river. At any moment, an unexpected expense might knock on your door, or you might find yourself in an urgent financial situation. It’s not just surprising. Some situations might put you under financial pressure that requires an instant address.

If that’s your current case, we’re here to offer you online payday loans in Ontario to end your problems. A payday loan is the best shot in such a case because:

  • It’s an immediate loan: suitable for temporary money problems. 
  • It calls for few requirements: no guarantors, no credit checks, just minimum possible requirements.

We’ll not check your credit score or credit history: you’re eligible to get funds even with a poor credit score.

When should you use I Need My Money’s loans?

With online payday loans in Ontario, you can cover all type of emergency needs. This is the reasons why we call this type of loans an emergency loans.

Here are some examples of cases where you can use the online payday loans in Ontario:

Car expenses

Pay for your car expenses with our payday loans so that you can get to work the next day and not jeopardize your employment or disrupt your everyday life.

Daily life 

Family and children unexpected costs, expensive family times like Christmas or back-to-school so that you can manage expenses and pay on your next payday.


Travel expense for emergency travels to visit the sick or dying loved ones or vacation regardless of your current credit situation.


Healthcare emergencies, which are usually sky-high, that even health insurance cannot cover all expenses. Medical emergencies require immediate financial attention.

Home repair

Emergency home repair that you didn’t plan for so that you can continue living safely in your home and pay on your next payday.

Need a loan for any project ?

What do we offer at I Need My Money Today?

A Quick Turn-Around Loan

When seeking a payday loan, we understand you’re in a situation that worries you and requires an instant financial solution. That’s why we’ll stand by you!

All you have to do is:

  • Fill and submit payday loan application form online
  • Our brokers will review your application and respond to you in minutes
  • If you qualify, we’ll deposit your money within 24 hours

Customized Payday Loans in Ontario to Meet Your Need

We offer you short-term payday loans ranging from $300 – $3,000 depending on the amount you want to solve your problem.

All you have to do is specify the amount you want to receive on the application form and access the amount within an hour of the application.

You can get larger online payday loans than you can get in Ontario so that you’re not limited on the amount you need.

A Partner to Stand With You

When you have a bad credit score, the total cost of borrowing money goes high, and when you go to traditional lenders will deny you loans — especially when your score is less than 500 points.

However, no one is perfect, and if you catch yourself in such a situation, we’ll stand with you. We don’t rely on credit checks to offer payday loans. Instead, we’ll only check your ability to pay the loan and get your funds very quickly.

Express No-Credit Check Payday Loans in Ontario

Forget about getting turned down when seeking a bad credit loans because you have bad credit or a not-sufficient enough credit history.

What if you could apply for a no-credit-check payday loan to address your financial worries without delay?

All you have to do is fill your loan application online and follow an intuitive 3-step procedure and get a response in minutes from our brokers. You’ll get your loan the same day.

Need a loan for any project ?

What Exactly Do You Need to Qualify for Payday Loans in Ontario?

We won’t ask for a lot. All you need is:

  • An active bank account (where we’ll deposit the loan you requested)
  • Proof of income from a job or other source (to help us decide how much do you qualify for)
  • Valid identification (to show you meet the legal age requirement of 18 years)

We analyze your loan application to verify your ability to repay it. We’ll analyze:

  • Your monthly income so that we can offer you the maximum possible loan you can pay
  • Your bank account statement to see if it entails too many unpaid debts that may hinder your payment ability

After the analysis, we’ll grant you a loan that doesn’t exceed your ability to repay.

Easy application process with I Need My Money Today

online payday loan ontario

Step 1

Fill in your personal information online.

Online Payday loans inOntario

Step 2

Get a response within an hour of the application after our brokers have processed your application.

Step 3

Receive money directly into your bank account after we've approved your application for use.

Repayment Terms for Payday Loans in Ontario

In the event that you have payment difficulties. Everything doesn’t always go as we plan. Circumstances can force you to defer payment, and we understand that. However, you must contact us via mail at least 48 hours before the payment due date when you want to defer a payment.

If you miss any payment on I Need My Money Today, you’ll incur a $40 charge and the unpaid amount carried forward to the end of the loan. The delay won’t impact your credit score because we won’t report the incidence to a credit agency.

Why Choose I Need My Money Today?

Let’s be honest with ourselves. No matter how much we budget, some occasions happen in life that demand funds at short notice — occasions requiring urgent cash injection.

When such an occasion happens, you’ll need a financial source to get yourself out of a rough patch. We’re a team of brokers who connect you with lenders to offer your online payday loans in Ontario and all Canada without hidden or administration fees.

We offer immediate access to cash (so that you can better your financial situation) in an estimate of 45 minutes.

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Need a loan for any project ?

Why choose I Need My Money Today?

Online Payday loans Ontario

Are the problems that you are facing leading you into a situation that worries you and that you need to get out of urgently? We perfectly understand the extent of your concerns, and we want to stand by you during this ordeal. The first thing for you to do is to submit your express loan application online. Thanks to our expedited procedure, our experienced brokers provide you with an instant response to allow you to access your money as quickly as possible and in a totally secure manner.

An amount perfectly tailored to your needs

I Need My Money Today offers you Online Payday loans Ontario ranging from $300 to $3,000 with respect to the amount you need to get out of a difficult financial situation. Specify the amount that you want to receive on the application form and access your money within the following hour. We approve larger loans than our competitors that are more in line with your needs.

The desire to stand by you

We believe that our mission is to stand by many Canadians to help them get out of difficult financial situations. Do you have a low income or bad credit? Don’t worry; we don’t conduct any credit check on you, and we will approve your application very quickly. For 17 years now, we’ve been helping many people on a daily basis who have found themselves in situations similar to yours.

Contact I Need My Money Today for your payday loans in Ontario

We’ll get you quick online payday loans in Ontario for up to $3,000 to temporarily improve your cash flow and help you recover from an unexpected or particular serious situation.

However, remember that you should only take short-term loans when you’re unable to get money otherwise. For that reason, they’re the only temporary solution that you should seek when you’re in an extreme financial situation. So, are you in extreme financial need right now? Send your request by apply through the online form, and we will get back to you a soon as possible.

Submit a loan application and get a payday loan quickly.


The immediate loan is a short-term loan generally used to pay for unexpected expenses, default interest, NSF items, credit card balances, and—broadly speaking—all types of urgent money needs. This payday loan must be a temporary solution that should be reserved for short-term use.
We need certain information about you to be able to grant you a payday loan. However, we don’t conduct any credit check, and we don’t charge any fees until you have received your funds.
If you fill out your loan application form during our business hours, you receive your answer within the following hour. Do you have an urgent money need? We can send you the funds within 45 minutes of receiving your duly signed loan agreement.
We don’t require any fee payment before you have received your money.
We don’t conduct any credit check to grant you a payday loan. We operate under the principle that we should only base our decision on your current financial situation.

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